Pregnant women and alcohol – Do they mix?

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on November 19, 2010

I enjoyed an occasional glass of wine when I was pregnant with Timothy.

Now before you judge me too harshly, listen to this – A recent British study shows that light drinking will not negatively effect the emotional, physical or cognitive development of an unborn baby.

Suzanne Phan asked for my thoughts on this subject for a News 10 special report. Somehow my kiddos seemed to steal the show!

What do you think?
Did you (or would you) imbibe while pregnant? Why or why not?


I’m still pregnant…

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on October 10, 2010

Ray finds it amusing to take short little video clips of me these days. Perhaps I should be thankful to have these last few days of my pregnancy forever documented. Call me crazy, but I really just find it annoying…


Pregnancy Dreams

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on October 5, 2010

I’ve been having some pretty bizarre dreams. Vivid dreams. Dreams of delivering Baby all by my lonesome.

Like, last night, for instance. I dreamed that I was pacing walking around the neighborhood by myself when my water broke. Now, my bag of water has only ruptured just before popping out my babies, so I knew that Baby would be here within minutes. I sat down on a neighbor’s front lawn and delivered Baby all by myself.

A few weeks ago, I dreamed that I was home alone and delivered Baby in the bathtub. Just before the paramedics knocked down my locked front door, I awoke.

The other day, during a nice nap, however, I dreamed that I was delivering in the hospital. I couldn’t see anything because I didn’t have my glasses on. My three oldest children were present and, just as the doctor lifted Baby up over my legs, Zach started jumping up and down yelling “it’s a girl! it’s a girl!” Of course, I never actually saw Baby, because I awoke just before doc handed her to me.

nighttime Much like any mama-to-be in her third trimester, I’ve been waking up several times each night. Sometimes to use the restroom, but most often because I have a cramp or I’m just plain uncomfortable. Whatever the reason for the interruption in sleep, I seem to have better dream recall than when I could sleep through the night. I suppose this means that I’m not having more vivid dreams, but rather that I am simply better at recalling them.

Do you have any crazy pregnancy-induced dreams to share? Are they as crazy as mine?


My Maternity Fashion Crisis {Averted}

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on October 3, 2010

Do you remember, over the summer, when I felt like I was wearing the same thing over and over again? I had a maternity fashion crisis, of sorts, so stuck in the tank-top-and-skirt rut that I created for myself. I wanted t be comfortable and fashionable, but it just hadn’t happened.

Well, I managed to find some great items that I brought along with me to BOBNOLA and BlogHer, but what I concluded was that feeling fashionable while pregnant is really about accessorizing. Unfortunately, however, I didn’t realize this until just recently. Oh well.

Check out some of my maternity fashion finds (listed below the slideshow).

I found some great items online at Kiki’s Fashions Maternity, thanks to Gena – a fellow mom-of-many. And that little black dress? I found it at! No joke.

Here’s a list of the items shown:
Khaki Printed Short Sleeve Maternity Shirt (Kiki’s) – $23.99
Blue Embroided Straight Leg Maternity Jeans – $29.99
Yellow Sublimation Maxi Maternity Dress – $19.99
Maternity Ruffle-Trim Sleeveless Dress – $13.00

My favorite, by far, is that last maxi dress in the slideshow. I found that on my ShopAtHome shopping spree in New York. (I’ll tell you all about that experience soon. Promise.) It’s not a maternity dress, so I am looking forward to wearing it even after Baby is born!


Baby Update – He’ll Be Here Soon!!

September 30, 2010

Yesterday’s OB appointment proved to be very encouraging! I just had a feeling I was further along this whole time, but I hadn’t seen my OB since my ultrasound. Instead, I had seen the nurse practitioner who only dismissed my measurements, due to the fact that this was my seventh baby and my body “knows […]

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Are the Youngs having Boy #6 or Girl #2?

June 17, 2010

Make photo slide shows at  

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May 26, 2010

Sitting ever so still, I sense a faint tickle inside my womb. I know it’s you I feel and I smile. Your movement makes me think of a butterfly trying to escape my cupped hands. I imagine you dancing, flittering, and flying – like a butterfly – as you grow, develop, and change. Soon we […]

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Hanging in there

May 17, 2010

I would love to be able to tell you that the last several days have been full of busyness, and that I have tons of pictures to show and stories to tell, but really? I’m just not myself these days. This pregnancy has been hard, and days with my kiddos long. There are lessons to […]

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Baby Belly Pictures

May 11, 2010

With this being my sixth pregnancy, I am sad to say that only once have I had professional photos taken of my baby belly. I was pregnant with Julia and I remember it being very cold outside. Getting the perfect shot was a bit uncomfortable, but we got it! I would very much like to […]

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Baby on the Brain

April 18, 2010

I pulled out my pregnancy books, the other day, and have been looking through them again, now that I have a more accurate knowledge of how far along I am. Actually, I’ve really just pulled out one – What to Expect When You’re Expecting – which happens to be my favorite. {Watch for giveaway soon!} […]

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It’s official!

April 15, 2010

For some odd reason, I was very nervous about today’s appointment. I’ve been through this before – five times. I shouldn’t have been nervous. Right? Well, I feel like it’s finally official. Like Ray said, I’m no more pregnant this afternoon than I was this morning, but I now know there’s a baby in here. […]

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Is It All In My Head?

April 3, 2010

Let’s talk about food for a minute. Really I could talk about it all day, because… well, I pretty much think about food all day. I’d like to blame my recent food obsession on this baby I’m growing. You see, I can’t wait until I’m hungry to eat. In fact, I haven’t experienced hunger pangs […]

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Even Late Night Pregnancy Cravings Must Be Satisfied

March 26, 2010

#Justsayin A huge thanks to Wilton for the yummy sprinkles! I’m pretty sure I was craving the sprinkles as much as the cupcake itself!!

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“So, you’re pregnant again?” and other questions

March 10, 2010

I am overwhelmed and thankful for the outpouring of excitement and love surrounding the news of Baby Young #7. You all have made this special time that much more memorable! Now, to address the many questions that have flooded my inbox :: Really? Seriously? Are you joking? Yes. Yes. No. I am most definitely pregnant. […]

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