No More Migraines? (or “The Mirena is Evil”)

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on August 27, 2009

As most of you may recall I had been having pretty severe neck pain, and recurring headaches, for quite some time. Then back in May I began experiencing horrendous migraines; about one every week. Boy, were they awful. I was quite shaken by the debilitating pain accompanying each episode. There were days I clearly felt like I was dying.

Then came my pinched nerve and all of the drama surrounding that crisis… Doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, and test after test. My personal physician concluded that it was not only a pinched nerve ailing me, but also a severe migraine. A migraine that lasted for four days. Four days that left me unable to take care of my kiddos. Four days I will never get back. Even after the four days there were days – weeks, even – that I couldn’t move without a sharp pain shooting up my neck and through my head.

Seeing my chiropractor and a physical therapist helped a bit, but I had this voice in the back of my mind telling that there was something causing these migraines. Something I could easily get rid of, but I wasn’t quite willing.

You see, after my third or fourth migraine in as many weeks, I vaguely remembered reading that one of the side effects of the Mirena IUD, which I had inserted shortly after Noah was born, can be severe headaches and migraines. So, I looked it up, just to be sure I recalled correctly. Sure enough, users are cautioned to call a practitioner if severe or migraine headaches develop.

I know it sounds weird, but I knew the Mirena was the cause of my migraines. Sure, stress triggered them each week, but the IUD was most definitely the cause. I have no doubt.

Other side effects of the Mirena include back and pelvic pain, high blood pressure, pain during intercourse, and a myriad of other ailments. None of which I experienced, thank God. But, I do believe that, in addition to the headaches and migraines, the Mirena was also effecting my libido (decreased sex drive) and my mood… I just always felt so down.

So, Ray and I made a huge leap of faith and I had the Mirena removed 3 weeks ago today. I say it was a huge leap of faith, because Ray quite literally breathes on me and I’m pregnant. We truly had to be okay with whatever God has in store for us in that department.

But, guess what? It’s been almost 4 weeks since I succumbed to a migraine!

Will I never have to suffer from another migraine again? I can’t say that, as time will only tell. I strongly suspect, however, that I won’t be visited by another horrible alien any time soon.

Oh, and just a side note :: I’m not such a horrible person to be around any more. My husband can attest to that!


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