Multiplayer games mean fun with everyone!

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on July 16, 2009

nickPlaying computer video games is fun no doubt, but being able to kick it up a notch and play against other kids around the planet in multiplayer games. That’s right, your kids don’t have to sit at a computer competing against a computer they can play games with other kids. This not only teaches them to use strategy and pay attention to what is going on, but it creates friendships that would not otherwise have been forged. With Cranial Crunch your children can join tournaments that highlight their Nickelodeon knowledge; they can take the Rugrats on a food fight frenzy around Paris, or get soaked playing Wave Rave in a multiplayer game where only the best will stay dry.

Of course there’s more to be a kid than food fights and water gun battles, much more. Strategy games are great for getting the mind to work, and that is exactly what happens when you play games that have your kids favorite Nickelodeon characters such as Timmy Turner battling against aliens bent on destroying the earth, or iCarly who is devoted to being green and tries to get her cafeteria into a recycling craze, and your kids won’t get enough of Planktons Krusty Bottom weekly that has them taking pictures like the paparazzi, of the slimy undersea activity in Bikini Bottom.

All in all, has hundreds of games that your kids can play, all of them super awesome, none of them boring, and there are enough games to keep even the pickiest of video game players happy, and you as a parent don’t have to worry about the games they are playing, because they are Nick games, with their favorite Nick characters. You, yourself may be surprised to find yourself playing one of the many adventure games or even getting caught up in a food fight in Paris.

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