Cyber-Bully Turned Stalker

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on May 9, 2014

Our cyber-bully turned to Twitter the other day and set up an account under the username @jaideycat23. She then sent out a series of tweets that made it clear she was following our every step, saying we were not safe and they had guns.

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We did succeed in getting the account shut down, but not until after we had taken screenshots of all tweets and filed another report with Leander PD.

Our girls’ cyber-bully has been stalking them for quite some time, but what occured the other night was downright frightening. To discover that someone knows our every move, and is broadcasting publicly to all of the internet, was terrifying. To tell us we are not safe in our own homes, that they could break in at any moment, and that they have guns, was enough to paralyze us.

This terrorism on our families has to stop.

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