Operation Boys’ Room :: Complete!

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on January 30, 2013

Ongoing is my quest to sort, de-clutter, and organize every room in our house. This week we took care of the little boys’ room. Boy, did it need it!

As is our normal MO when de-cluttering a room, we first dumped out every bin and box, pulled random stuff out from under the beds, and began the daunting task of organizing through it all. We created piles of toys we planned to keep, began stacking books that had been pulled from the shelves, and set aside a huge pile of odds and ends to give away. Anything that was broken or missing pieces was promptly thrown away.

It was fun to see Ben, Noah, and Timmy get all excited about their “old” toys as we “found” them. Legos, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Little People sets, tons of Nerf guns, and loads of great books, all eventually made their way in to their proper places. After a bit of play, and with quite a bit of help, of course!

boys room

When all was placed in bins and baskets, and organized on shelves, we were left with four bags for Goodwill AND four huge bags of trash. It felt great to purge – especially since we were able to donate so much.

Add another room to the list of the organized!


Time to Declutter and Organize

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on January 11, 2013

For quite some time now I have wanted to purge, declutter, and organize just about every area of my life, especially my house. There seems to be less and less room for us to live and enjoy life, due to the stuff that keeps piling up around us. Stuff ends up in corners, in half destroyed boxes, or just out of place. I am just tired of the stuff.

I know the problem lies with me. I have always put off organizing and can safely say it’s simply been because of lack of time and energy. Being pregnant or nursing for almost eleven years solid, and having lots of little ones has always taken a lot out of me. It was easier to drop something in a box or tuck it in a cupboard.

My babies are no longer so little. Books aren’t pulled off the shelves so much any more. It’s all the hidden places that need help.

With little bursts of energy I have began plowing through my house. My master bath and closet were among the first to declutter. It seemed to take more and more time each day to find clothes (that actually fit me), and hair products (that really worked on my hair), and I knew I needed a major purge. FOUR garbage bags full of clothes, handbags, and shoes dropped off at Goodwill and my closet is now manageable. I’m embarressed to admit to how many boxes of toiletries were either thrown away or given away, but there were several boxes of stuff I didn’t need or couldn’t use!

my organized closet

My kitchen cupboards were next. Too many chipped and cracked plates, bowls, and mugs were tucked behind those we could actually use. Out went all of the glass dinnerware and in came the more durable, non-breakable pieces.

With Zach, Julia, and Josh’s help, I tackled our shoe and coat closet today. Not only had all of our Christmas decorations just been thrown (literally!) in to the closet, every single day my children are heard complaining of not being able to find their shoes or jacket, no matter where they remember placing them the night before.

messy closet 2

We first removed every single item from the closet. Because the space is bigger than the nursery we created for baby Joshua years ago, we found Christmas decor, snow play gear, shoes, bags, and even some missing socks! Nothing was to go back in to the closet that didn’t belong.

I found some great organizational pieces at Walmart for our shoes – a fabulous shoe rack, a beautiful basket, and a table. I planned to repack all of the Christmas decor in the plastic storage containers I already had.


{1} Better Homes and Gardens 16-Pair Shoe Organizer

{2} Honey Can Do Urban Table With Storage Basket

{3} Willow Basket

Once we bagged up the shoes that no longer fit or wanted by any of the nine of us, we were left with a basket full of flip-flops and sandals, a couple of pairs of boots, and a shoe rack full of shoes! We can actually walk in to the closet now, and even have a place for the vacuum cleaner.

organized shoe and coat and storage closet. 2.jpg

As I continue to purge, declutter, and organize other areas of my life, I’ll press on in my home – cupboard by cupboard, closet by closet; a little at a time.

What areas of your life – hidden and visible – need to be purged, decluttered and organized?

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart lit the fire under me to get my multi-purpose closet a much-needed makeover and has provided me with compensation for the time and effort spent creating this post. 

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ListPlanIt.com can help!

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on November 9, 2009

As we near the Holidays it seems that we grow more and more busy. Not only are we still doing our daily lessons but we also have gifts to purchase and prepare, family and friends to visit, baking to do, and travel plans to make.

Did you realize that there are less than 50 days left before Christmas?

Well, ListPlanIt.com can help you stay organized and on top of things this Holiday season. As a Member of ListPlanIt.com, you can have access to over 400 printable, ready-made lists – and MORE added frequently! Browse through the lists, get ideas, type or write in your own information, and print out the lists you need, over and over again!

For one day only – TODAY, November 9th, 2009 – you can get a membership to ListPlanIt.com for half off the regular price, in celebration of Jennifer’s birthday! Jennifer, aka List Mama, is the creator and #1 user of ListPlanIt.com. Check out her birthday special.

Now, I received a membership to ListPlanIt from Jennifer, but I have yet to really use it… I’m hoping that we can get better organized this Holiday season, as we prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I guess this is as good a time as any to begin to take the time to put things on paper! ListPlanIt offers an uncluttered, organized place to do that, so it should be perfect!

Jennifer realizes that as busy moms we need all the help we can get she has also offered a membership to my friends here at From Dates to Diapers! That’s right! You can win one of TWO memberships just by leaving me a comment here, by 9pm (pst) on November 20th, telling me how you use lists – Do you make a list for everything and can’t live without them?

What are you waiting for? Start making your lists today!


Organization With Style

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on May 8, 2009


I am the first one to admit that I am organizationally challenged. Not good when you have six young kiddos in the house! I can only wish that I had my sister’s mad organizational skills. {sigh}

The one area that I have always seemed to have a handle on, though, is keeping track of my kiddos’s school work, but thanks to the momAgenda it is now so much easier. Since January, when I first received the Desktop Organizer, I have been able to flawlessly keep track of every thing for each of my kiddos. I’ve discovered that the momAgenda is a great way to lay out and follow an organized schedule, but it also doubles as a daily record, so I can eliminate an extra step!

Thanks, momAgenda, for making my very important job as my kiddos’ teacher that much easier!

For those of you still looking for a Mother’s Day gift, the momAgenda is a great idea!


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