“what’s YOUR deal?”

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on November 5, 2013

CVS/pharmacy recently gave some of my fellow bloggers and me an early look at their new ad campaign – what’s your deal? Not only did I think it was hilarious, but it’s genius, really.

Take a look –


Oh, boy… how I can relate to the defeated look on Danielle’s face! While my kids have never used the entire wall as the canvas of masterpieces, the headaches they have given me sure do compare. The above ad met me where I am as a worn-out, hard-working mom.

And, that? Was just plain funny!

A sneak peak at the clever advertising above was only just a teeny fraction of the surprises that awaited us at CVS HQ last month. Before our trip, they sent each of us brand new iPads to check out the new way to see a personalized version of their weekly ad, based on our past CVS purchase history. ExtraCare offers are highlighted, and any items you’ve previously purchased are bumped to the very top of the list to make your shopping plans easy and convenient.

Here is myWeekly Ad for this week –

CVS/pharmacy myWeekly Ad In addition to learning more about CVS and this new tool, a peek at wonderful gifts fit for giving from CVS this Holiday season was a fun surprise – Christmas is October! We got to play with decorating and entertaining items, stocking stuffers and more. Quite honestly I was surprised at the variety and value. Especially when looking at the gift ideas under $25! I mean, I have shopped at CVS for snack items, beauty  and personal products, and medication, but never before for gifts.

I must confess, however, that the absolute BEST part of the trip was seeing, touching, feeling, and trying a wide variety of beauty products. In the midst of everything from perfumes and colognes to skin care items and makeup, I had a blast!

In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favorite products from CVS, so stay tuned!

Disclosure:  All expenses to Rhode Island were paid for by CVS , as well as product (including the iPad mini), to facilitate this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


Fall Mantle Decor {On a Budget}

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on November 3, 2013

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. The mouth-watering aroma of baked goods, the crisp Fall air, sweaters and boots, colorful leaves, and early nights. What’s not to love?

I also love Thanksgiving and decorating for this Holiday. In fact, I usually pull out my decor on the very first day of Fall. But, this year, I decided to wait a bit so I could invest in a couple of new accent pieces. However, after a trip to Walmart, I was able to update my Fall decor collection with just a few inexpensive items.

fall mantle decor on a budget

I bought a couple of Apple Pumpkin scented pillar candles to place on my candle holders – you can get some holders just like mine at Walmart.com – some Maple leaf garland, a small tin, and orange and yellow silk flowers. Although you can’t see it well in the photos, my favorite new piece, is the Spotted Owl Plug-In Warmer that I found for $10! (The plate was gifted to me years ago, and I bought the Better Homes & Gardens pumpkin votive holder last year at Walmart.)

Fall Mantle decor

If you’ve waited to decorate for Fall, wait no longer! You can find everything you need for a beautiful mantle, even on a budget.  I promise.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Sharing and Saving with P&G Everyday #ad

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on June 21, 2013

I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

We’ve always been fans of P&G. From Bounce and Bounty to Venus and Vick’s, this family loves it all. (I even have a pretty extensive Cover Girl collection!) What’s more is that P&G has always made an effort to make moms’ lives easier.

They’re at it again with their new community for women - P&G everyday. I was excited to sign up, simply because I am always looking for ways to save time and money, and I enjoy finding great tips and tricks fpr making my life as a busy mom even a bit easier.

P&G Everyday email

I love that P&G everyday offers resourceful ideas and products curated by moms FOR moms. With this new community, P&G is committed to make every day just a little easier for us, so we can achieve a life full of rewarding moments with our families in every way.

P&G Everyday... one stop shop

Featuring content and resources on beauty, family, food, health, home and more, P&G everyday is becoming a trusted source for us. Among other things, I have have discovered::

  • Delicious recipes, beauty trends, and smart tips
  • New products to try out for yourself, family and home
  • Product Ratings and Reviews
  • Fresh Ideas and Inspiration
  • Coupons and Samples from your trusted brands
  • Support and Knowledge

P&G everyday™ is your online platform created by Procter & Gamble, a company that has been establishing brands for the past 175 years, helping people around the world have extraordinary days. Every day.

I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own


Easy On, Easy Off {Huggies Little Movers $2 off coupon}

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on October 22, 2012

What’s your baby’s technique? Are they a kicker, roller, flipper, bouncer or jumper? Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers make it easy to change any type of squirmy baby with the dependable leakage protection of the Huggies brand. Not only are they easy to slide on, but taking them off is just as simple with a tear side.

These diapers really are great for on the go changes. In fact, they take half the time to put on than a normal diapers, saving all of us busy moms lots of time, especially when we’re on the go and there is no good place for our little toddler to lie down. Also, I was thinking these Slip-On Diapers will make the transition in to real undies with Timmy just a bit easier, as soon as he’s ready to potty train, being that they are very similar to the big boy undies his big brothers wear. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

You can watch videos of real families and their babies share their stories about diapers and putting Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers to the test.


Share & Save $2

Share the Huggies Easy On, Easy Off Challenge page with 3 of your friends and get a coupon for $2 off a pack of Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers. Switch to the slip and save today!

Compensated Post


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