VeggieTales In The House {New to Netflix}

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on November 23, 2014

Bob and Larry were always favorites in our house, especially with my twins. I can’t even tell you how many times my little guys watched them and the rest of the VeggieTales cast on Lord of the BeansThe Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, or just about any other VeggieTales movie. Larry’s Silly Songs often played while we were in the car, I put them on to keep my kiddos happy while I made dinner or just to inspire some smiles.

VeggieTales cast

In case you are not familiar, most VeggieTales movies are cute little parodies of popular films, bringing a message that is not soon forgotten. Each movie contains original music and a valuable life lesson that kiddos need to learn. Oftentimes even I benefit from the message on selflessness, kindness, honesty, or forgiveness.

I could always count on VeggieTales to be good, clean, wholesome fun. And I still can. Beauty and the Beet, released last month, was inspired by the story of Beauty and the Beast. While not at all similar in storyline, apart from learning to love the unlovely, this charming movie, starring Kellie Pickler, is a wonderful story of unconditional love. And the music is fantastic!

Now, for some really exciting news – VeggieTales is coming exclusively to Netflix on November 26, called VeggieTales in the House! There will be a total of 150 11-minute shorts developed and released over the next three years.

VeggieTales in the house - Only on Netflix

VeggieTales in the House shows what Bob and Larry are like in their own lives when they aren’t acting, like in all these movies we love so much. This series has a slightly new look, due in part to a new production team and new technology, but it’ll be the same Bob and Larry with a fresh appeal to the younger crowd.

Timmy and I are hooked after just watching the VeggieTales in the House official trailer and getting a sneak peek at one of the first episodes. In fact, a flood of great memories came back and I got goosebumps when I heard Bob and Larry give their sign off – “God made you special. And He loves you very much.” We can’t wait to see more!

Keep an eye out for VeggieTales DVDs at Walmart, as well as other great goodies coming soon!

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It’s Time for the Holidays! Shop Smart at Walmart and Save

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on November 2, 2014

It’s time to switch out your wreath, friends! With Halloween behind us, and the Holidays approaching quickly, Walmart is there to make your shopping and planning easier and more affordable.


Holiday Savings and Easy Shopping Start Now

Walmart has over 7 million items – one million more than last holiday season – ready for you online. Deals typically reserved for Black Friday and Cyber Monday start on shortly after midnight tonight, with over 20,000 Rollbacks!

Walmart Online Specials

Save Time and Money

  • Savings CatcherTimed for Thanksgiving meal planning, Walmart is expanding Savings Catcher to bring even more savings to the kitchen. Beginning Nov. 2, holiday turkey and ham will be eligible for Savings Catcher, giving families confidence that they’re getting a great price on these holiday meal essentials.
  • Search My StoreWalmart has rolled out another new feature within its mobile app. With Search My Store, customers can search for nearly any item carried in a Walmart store and see the item’s availability at that store, its aisle location, ratings and reviews. (Search My Store is available on Android now, and Apple devices in Mid-November.)

More Holiday Tools, Resources, and Money Saving Incentives

Walmart is also offering new tools and resources to help customers shop the season.

  • Free ShippingWalmart is offering FREE shipping for every single item on their Top 100 Gifts List.
  • Wish Lists: Starting Nov. 7, children and parents can build a Toy Wish List for Santa by adding their favorite toys directly from Walmart’s digital Toy Book. Wish lists can be shared on Facebook and in email with friends and family.
  • Holiday Hub: New this year, Walmart is sharing how-to videos, product demos, seasonal recipes and other tips across multiple platforms where customers seek holiday inspiration, including Pinterest, YouTube and
  • Layaway: Customers taking advantage of Walmart’s holiday layaway with no opening fee can stretch dollars further by paying at their own pace through Dec. 15.
  • Ad Match: Walmart’s great prices are backed by itsAd Match Guarantee. Stores will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product.

Walmart Holiday Savings

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


My Go-To Fall Outfit

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on September 21, 2014

I am loving the bright colors that are available in fashion and apparel at Walmart this Fall! Of course, you can still find all of the goodies that make dressing for this season so great – boots, scarves, oversized sweaters, and all – but adding bright splashes of color to my outfit is easy to do with the fun items I’m seeing. And, it’s just so fun!

My Go-To Fall Look

I pretty much live in denim, and with my new fitness regimen, I am noticing that my bum and thighs are bigger (which is certainly not a bad thing), so my pants are fitting different… It was time to update my wardrobe and Walmart was the perfect place to shop for jeans. I was excited to find these super comfy No Boundaries distressed skinny jeans for only $19.88. My younger boys just don’t understand why I bought my pants with holes in them, but I love the look! There was also a pair of boot cut jeans in store for the same price that I just had to have. They fit so nicely.

Being that Texas stays pretty warm, even through the Fall, this hooded tab sleeve pullover I found in the Junior section is perfect for the season. (Walmart also has a pink one with a silver and black heart, as well as a cream one with a skull.) The colorful infinity scarf ($4.97 for two!) I paired with this outfit matches perfectly with the turquoise pull strings and does a great job of making my pink flats (only $5 in store!) pop.

My new favorite outfit for Fall is complete with some bangles, hoop earrings, and a sparkly headband – all found at Walmart. I am extremely excited to share that my complete outfit (shown here) was purchased for less than $50!

Fall Style

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on August 28, 2014

It was fifteen years ago today. The hottest day of the year. I was to vow to love, honor, and cherish my best friend all the days of my life, and I was a bundle of nerves.

As I walked down the aisle, on my father’s arm, I saw my best friend waiting for me and nothing else mattered. I forgot about the heat, the butterflies in my stomach, the 250 people in the small church sanctuary to witness our union. There was just him.

our wedding day

That day we began a journey. A wonderful, crazy, chaos-filled, sometimes rocky, but always steady journey. A journey I wouldn’t want to share with anyone but him.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my husband, my love! I didn’t think it possible then, but I truly love and adore you more today than I did on this date fifteen years ago.

“When I found the one my heart loves, I held him and would not let go… Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth ~ For his love is more delightful than wine.”


First Day

August 26, 2014

Sending the kiddos off to school after what seems like a long summer is always bittersweet for me. This year, however, it was especially so. While they were all most certainly ready for the routine that the new school year brought with it, I was a bit nervous to drop them off today and yesterday […]

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It’s Your Birthday

August 12, 2014

Hey Noah, I’m not sure how it happened, but you are now SEVEN years old, and today we celebrate YOU! It seems like yesterday Dad was rushing me to the hospital to deliver you. Just like so many times throughout your life, you were eager to show face. In fact, I almost delivered you in […]

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Save More with Savings Catcher

July 30, 2014

I’ve been shopping at Walmart and telling y’all all about it for quite some time. Not much has excited me more than the latest news – You can now be certain you are spending as little as possible with as little work as possible! No more scouring circulars from each store in town to compare […]

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Summer Nails with Sally Hansen Triple Shine

July 18, 2014

I love having pretty nails. So does Julia. In fact, we have quite the colorful rainbow collection of nail polish. We were both excited to try the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color from Walmart. Of the 29 available colors, we were sent seven to try, plus a bottle of clear Top Coat to lock […]

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Archery: My New Favorite Pastime

June 22, 2014

I’ve shot guns since I was young. In fact, I bought my very first gun – a .22 rifle – when I was a teenager. My siblings and I would practice target shooting with my parents when we would hike through our property. But, I never imagined I’d take up archery. I certainly was never opposed […]

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Entertaining with Aladdin

April 14, 2014

I love a good party, and everyone who knows me knows this is true. Lately, however, the pressure of achieving entertaining perfection makes cuddling up with my kiddos and hubby to watch a good movie sound like the better choice! This is where the Aladdin Mason Entertaining Collection comes in incredibly handy for at least […]

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Letting Go

February 25, 2014

It’s incredible, this parenting gig, right from the start. Flitters of movement, seeing my precious babies for the first time, giggling and cooing, cuddling and snuggling, silly faces and goofy grins. Having heart to heart conversations late at night, hearing “mama” from my three year old right on up to my 13 year old, being a […]

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Read Across America with Dr. Seuss

February 23, 2014

Dr. Seuss books are some of my all-time favorites. In fact, if I remember correctly, Hop on Pop and Green Eggs and Ham were among the very first books I ever read all by myself. When Ray graduated from UCLA, his aunt gave him Oh, the Places You’ll Go! with a beautiful sentiment written inside. […]

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A Real Look at an Afternoon Outing

February 10, 2014

Yesterday was one of those days in the Texas hill country that made me think that Spring was on it’s way. With temperatures in the low 70s, it was a perfect day for soaking in some sunshine. So, after church we drove down to Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. It’s looks like we had […]

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#SiennaDiaries Entry #4: All the Comforts and Conveniences

January 12, 2014

The Toyota Sienna was quite the posh ride. All of us were very comfortable any time we drove that vehicle anywhere. Here are some of the resaons why – Heated Seats – Need I say more?! Automatic Doors – With just a simple touch of a button, the automatic doors make loading and unloading super […]

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My {simple} New Year’s Look

December 26, 2013

One day I’d like to get all decked out in a fancy dress, with a romantic up-do, and dramatic makeup to celebrate a year gone and count down to a new one. But, alas, we have kids, and for now we stay in and watch the ball drop with them. Even though we will be […]

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Doing Good With #Toyota {#SiennaDiaries}

December 15, 2013

As part of my involvement with Toyota through December they gave us some fun money to bless others. How did we use it? We went shopping! Julia and I loaded up a Walmart cart with toys and filled the cargo space in our Sienna. We plan to donate the brand new toys to kids in […]

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“How many?”

December 11, 2013

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and I just couldn’t resist posting it here… No matter where we go, we are always met with looks, stares, and questions. I generally don’t give it much thought – I smile, nod, and answer the questions. But, sometimes… well, I can’t help but sigh and roll […]

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Smiling it Forward with Alyson Hannigan

December 9, 2013

Like most of us moms, How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan, loves sharing photos of her young daughters with friends, family and fans online. Y’all know how often I do the same! For this very reason, I have teamed up with Alyson , SheSpeaks, and Tylenol as a “Smile Squad” blogger to help spread […]

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My Afternoon With Garth Brooks Rocked! #BlameItAllOnMyRoots

November 28, 2013

I want to tell you all about Garth Brooks’ newest boxed set, Blame It All On My Roots, due to release tomorrow, but will you bare with me as I gush about my afternoon with him first? When I started blogging, what seems like ages ago, I had not a clue that so many great […]

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Avoiding Holiday Kitchen Hazards {Home Safety Giveaway}

November 26, 2013

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen this week. Have you? Do you have a little one who may not be aware of the hidden dangers? I’ve teamed up with Safety 1st again this month to bring you some safety tips from Julie Vallese, Safety 1st Consumer Safety Expert. Check ‘em out… […]

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Mimi and the Rocket

November 11, 2013

We had the great privilege of being blessed with my mom’s company for the better part of this last week. It was the first time she had seen our new home, so we were excited to explore our new city with her and just hang out. (Well, Mom couldn’t help herself and she did a […]

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Nursery Safety :: #Safety1st

October 28, 2013

We don’t have babies any more, and to be honest, we only had a real nursery for the twins thirteen years ago. So much has changed since then, from baby monitors to child proofing products, but one thing remains – Baby must be kept safe! Your baby will spend a large amount of time in […]

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