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Have you heard about BabySpot? What do you mean you haven’t? You must check it out! is a wonderful social and informational website for Moms and Dads. There you can upload pictures, videos, write baby journals about your precious little one(s), and share parenting tips and tricks with other new parents, family and friends. You can make your pages completely private, giving you the piece of mind that only the people who you give permission can see your pages.

Not long after the birth of his first son, James Rivera, along with his good friend Zameer Upadhya, created this website as a safe and secure web portal for parents just like himself to share the precious moments of our young one’s. How exactly BabySpot came about really is a neat story. Do you want to hear it? Here it is, straight from James Rivera, himself!

My life changed on February 3, 2006 – the most important day of my life.This is the day that my wife, Monica, and I welcomed our first child, Danny’s Rivera, to the world. A 7 pound 3 ounces, 19-1/2 inch bundle of joy; he became the joy of our heart and our life.

Shortly after welcoming him into the world we were bombarded with requests for news, pictures and videos of Danny’s. Seeking to quell the mob that demanded to see our new family member we logged onto the Internet and started posting pictures here and there and sending scattered emails that were sometimes filtered out by Spam-screeners. We soon became very frustrated by the need to act as technical support for Danny’s various online profiles and photo sites. Plus, we were constantly worried at how safe these sites really were.

We turned to our long-time friend, Zameer Upadhya, who, as it turns out, was experiencing equal chagrin at how challenging it had become to try and receive news about his distant baby-cousins. He mentioned to me that he wanted a baby spot on the Internet for all these memories and suggested the name This gave birth to and we created a plan to build an entirely new breed of social networking site that would forever change our lives and we hope the lives of parents the world over.

Here are some of the reason why I love BabySpot:

  • There are six baby profile pages – Just enough for each of my babies!

  • I can invite my friends to join BabySpot directly from my Yahoo!, Hotmail, or AOL email address books. I can rest assured in knowing that my email login information will not be stored and they promise not to spam my friends with unwanted emails.
  • BabySpot now has chat! I can connect with other moms in a safe chat environment. It’s easy to create your chat profile, and it’s super-easy to customize your chat window with different colored text and smilies. A safe chat filter means no worries about someone using inappropriate language.
  • BabySpot has a journal/blog feature, too. Have people told you that you should really start a blog, but you aren’t sure how to begin? Get comfortable with the idea of posting your daily thoughts by using your personal journal on BabySpot! You can make it completely private or invite your trusted family and friends to view your postings. An online journal is a great way to share those little daily moments that are so easy to forget if you don’t write them down.

You better go check out BabySpot. Send me a friend request after you sign up… I’m YoungMommy. And, yes, I have all six of my babies profiles filled out!

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James from July 13, 2008 at 8:22 pm
Rick Bucich July 15, 2008 at 1:15 pm

Thanks for the review, sounds like a very interesting product. When our son was born, we lived several states away from the nearest family. Something like this could have been useful, and perhaps have made some new friends in the process.


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