Are you here to par-tay?

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on March 20, 2009


Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Hi there! Did you come over from party central? Well, I’m so glad you did! There is so much I could tell you about me and From Dates to Diapers, but I’m not going to bore you with a ton of info. Instead, I would love for you to take a look around, make yourself at home and hang out for a bit.

There is lots to see and do while you are here. You could discover a bit about me and my family, find out how you and your little one could win $10,000, read about our homeschooling adventures, or maybe just get a good chuckle by tagging along as we make our big trip to Costco.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great time and decide to come back again… We always have fun stuff going on!

Since this is a party, and we girls love to talk about our favorite celebrities, I decided to see which celebrities MyHeritage thought I look like. I have a friend who thinks I look like Cameron Diaz, and others who say I look like Julia Roberts. Hmmm…


Ahem, anyway… I am so glad that you decided to stop by for a visit and do hope you come back. In fact, over the next several days I will be posting a few new giveaways. Ooh, and if you are partying too, don’t forget leave me a comment here with your link, so I can come visit you!

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brandy w March 20, 2009 at 4:28 am

i think you look like julia roberts
check out my post #157 on the ubp page


Melissa Multitasking Mama March 20, 2009 at 4:58 am

From those pics I think you resemble Amanda Peet the most! Going to mosey around and get to know you better- nice to meet you!


Stephanie March 20, 2009 at 6:48 am

Hi! Thanks for having me. I’m going to have to find out who my celeb look a likes are. I love your layout, nice and clean. Hope you’ll come visit me. I have some baby item giveaways going on right now.

Take care and Party on!


Anne March 20, 2009 at 7:21 am

I definitely think you look more like Julia Roberts :) I love the header of your blog- so cute!


misty March 20, 2009 at 11:37 am

whoever the actress is on the bottom row, 2nd from the left is who i think you look most like.. but the truth is i think you’re far prettier than cam or julie! :) your blog looks like a fun one that i’m going to come back to when i have more time to browse around. thanks so much for hosting a fun party, replete w/ celebrity sightings, lol!


kelley March 20, 2009 at 11:49 am

Happy UBP!

I think Julia Roberts too… so there you go. Its unanimous.

Have a great weekend!


Meshellyn March 20, 2009 at 12:19 pm

Nice to meet you! I agree Amanda Peet all the way!


carma March 20, 2009 at 12:24 pm

those are some awesome celebrities to have to look like! Stopping by from UBP 2009 and ready to par-tay!


carma March 20, 2009 at 12:24 pm

I would say you resemble Amanda Peet the most :-)


Trish@my little drummer boys March 20, 2009 at 1:00 pm

I seem to be hitting on all the twin mums at random or we are all party girls.
I think Julia too.
I have twin boys 2 yrs old and a 15 yr old so yes I go from dates to diapers. My boys are all ‘butt’ toilet trained – just working on night time now.
The bath bubbles is adorable I hope you win !Your family is gorgeous.


Trish March 20, 2009 at 1:11 pm

I did the My Heritage thing a little while back. I think I had Julia Roberts in there as well. Too fun! Hey, I’m giving away a super cute apron if you want to stop by and enter! :)


Michelle March 20, 2009 at 3:46 pm

Hi Christine,
Gosh, I haven’t chatted w/ you since my giveaway on your blog last year. Hope you are well and are still enjoying the necklace! I, too, agree with Julia Roberts. Happy party hopping:)


Baba March 20, 2009 at 5:08 pm

Yep Julia Roberts! Nice to meet you! Visiting all the party goer sites. I am participating too! Party on!


Party Planning Professor March 20, 2009 at 5:24 pm

Def……Julia Roberts


Veronnica W. March 20, 2009 at 10:20 pm

What a fun blog! I look forward to following your family adventures! I’ve added you to my blog roll!


Shop with Me Mama March 20, 2009 at 10:37 pm

Nice to meet you! I think you look most like Julia Roberts!


kristin March 20, 2009 at 11:28 pm

I of course think you look like…well…YOU! Fabulous of course!


Jen March 21, 2009 at 7:49 am

Cute site! I’ll definitely be back! (Be thankful everyone doesn’t tell you you look like Britney Spears..I used to get that alot…ugh!)


Amy March 21, 2009 at 8:04 am

I already totally love you and your site. Oh, and your BTR show. You rock! I just realized that I don’t follow your blog yet {gasps!}. Rectifying that now :-)

Have a great party week!

And, you look fab just as you are. Who needs celebs right??? {she says as she scrolls back up to click on the look-alike link}


Kaye - SandwichINK - God is faithful. March 21, 2009 at 1:16 pm

Wow! You do look like Julia Roberts. I’ll have to mention that to my daughter :) :) :) Thanks for having such a fun Blog Party! I’ll look forward to checking out your upcoming giveaways :)


happyhermit March 21, 2009 at 3:26 pm

I love the My Heritage thing !!

Have a Happy 2nd Party Day !!


The Happy Housewife March 22, 2009 at 12:02 pm

What a fun thing to do. I think you look like a cross between Faith and Julia… I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past few months. Looking forward to more!


Deborah March 22, 2009 at 1:09 pm

Hello! Poppin’ in from The Ultimate Blog Party…all the way from Queensland, Australia! G’Day! I hope you have time to visit my party soon.



Stephanie March 22, 2009 at 3:10 pm

Yep, you definitely look like Julia Roberts. You have that same gorgeous smile.


Maureen March 22, 2009 at 3:32 pm

I am having so much fun at all of the blog parties. They have been fantastic. I really need to quit partying and do a little house cleaning, I have manage to visit 234 blogs in 3 days.. Ummmm you get the picture, computer going strong, Dust 3 inches deep in rest of house, dishes in sink, floors need swept and mopped.. Oh well there will be tomorrow.. hehe.. honestly I am going to go clean in a second, I can’t stand it anymore.
Thanks for inviting us to stop by your blog. It has been fun!! I love Debra Messing and do think you look like her.


Jerri March 22, 2009 at 7:26 pm

Hi. I’m just stopping in from the party. It’s nicre to meet you.


Candice March 22, 2009 at 11:19 pm

I just stopped by, blog hopping as part of UBP 2009. It is very nice to meet you. I have a blog at; It’s a toddler learning blog. I’d love to have you for a visit! I am loving UBP! Have a magical day. I have a goal of trying to visit 150 blogs per day, whew! Let’s hope the little one takes long naps for the next few days.


Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous March 23, 2009 at 6:11 am

You are partying your tail off over here! Stopped by via the UBP ’09. I enjoyed you post! Be back!


JamericanSpice March 23, 2009 at 5:17 pm

Nice to meet you!

Talk about a party!

I’m quite intrigued and am learning how to get around!

Just stopping by from 5minutes for moms blog party!


Kati March 23, 2009 at 5:18 pm

Wow! They were pretty dead on with that! Cool!!


Laurie March 23, 2009 at 7:16 pm

That is so much fun! I think Amanda Peet and Julia Roberts, for sure. Happy UBP09! I am having so much fun blog hopping. I love your blog so I loved stopping by. ;)


elkaye March 23, 2009 at 7:19 pm

I’m “blog hopping” via the Ultimate Blog Party. It’s nice to meet you. :)


Mamati @ Daily dose of me March 25, 2009 at 1:46 am

Greetings from Oman

I am partying with UBP and found your blog

I love ur blog title so catchy! Enjoyed getting to know you

Drop by my blog when u have time



Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) March 25, 2009 at 9:46 am

WOW! I am pretty sure I wouldn’t come out with such a stunning list of look alikes! LOL But you are stunning to start with. :)

THANKS for joining in on the party! :)


SimplySara March 25, 2009 at 11:16 am

What a fun thing to try :)

I say you look most like Amanda Peet and Julia Roberts!

So nice to meet you!


Stacie Haight Connerty March 26, 2009 at 4:15 pm

Hey Christine-

I think that you definitely look like Julia Roberts. It is the smile!

I am just stopping in from The Ultimate Blog Party to say hello. Come by my place to enter to win a LeapFrog Tag Reading System and some books by pledging to read to your child everyday. You can also enter to win a pair of Girl’s Crocs – Size 8/9. :)



Michelle March 26, 2009 at 7:00 pm

I’m doing some blog hopping from the UBP and stopping in to say hi!
Yup, you definitely look like Julia Roberts!


* TONYA * March 27, 2009 at 8:35 am

Hey there Christine, stopping in to party with you :). Hope you are having a fabulous time in Vegas. Loved seeing the photos yesterday.


Valerie Gay March 27, 2009 at 11:14 am

Hi there!

Stopped in from the blog party!

Beautiful blog!



Cindi @ Mama Mentor March 28, 2009 at 8:48 pm

Visiting from the UBP & enjoyed reading your blog!

My buffet table is set ~ stop by & stay awhile!

Mama Mentor

Moomettesgram’s Musings

Moomette’s Magnificents Reviews


Colleen March 30, 2009 at 12:09 pm

I’m still just blog hopping through the Ultimate Blog Party link list. I didn’t want to miss out on any blogs… but I just ran out of party time. So… I’m still working my way down the list… even though the party is technically over.
Stop in on my blog if you’ve got a minute! Or… if you’re still up for a party post… you could stop by my party anytime!


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