Freedom Pops

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on June 25, 2015

It’s almost Independence Day. It doesn’t matter what you believe or where in the U.S. you live, you will celebrate with the rest of our country with a huge party, right? After all, freedom deserves a celebration.

As part of our nation’s celebration, we will fly our nation’s flag and don our red, white, and blue. So, it shouldn’t be a bit of a surprise that everyone will be creating decorations and dishes that show our patriotic spirit.

Walmart asked me to show y’all how I plan to serve up some red, white, and blue for this special day. Since I am all about ease, and very little fluff, I decided I’d tell you how easy it is to make some tasty Patriotic Pops.

<make your own patriotic pops>

Here’s what you do:

  • Grab some of your favorite Gatorade flavors in red, white, and blue (of course).
  • Pick up some popsicle molds at Walmart (my kids love the Ice Pop Sippers – found only in stores, but similar to these).
  • Choose your favorite add-ins.
  • Freeze each layer until solid, before adding the next flavor.
  • Add diced strawberries to the last layer of red Gatorade before freezing.
  • When all layers are frozen solid, remove from molds and roll in Pop Rocks before serving.
  • Enjoy!

<freedom pops dipped in pop rocks>

Of course, you can make popsicles at home any time. The kids love to help, especially when it comes to choosing flavors and fun add-ins. The possibilities are endless and they are a refreshing treat on a hot day. Chocolate milk pops are a fun alternative to fudge pops, and any fruit juice tastes delish frozen, especially when loaded with fresh fruit.

<patriotic pops>

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Combat the “Summer Slide” with UMIGO

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on June 24, 2015

Summer time means no school and lots and lots of play. But, what would you say if I told you that you could combine the two to keep your elementary kids on their toes? It’s totally true with UMIGO (pronounced you-me-go).

About UMIGO:

UMIGO – You Make It Go – is a fun, vibrant world of adventure that uses the building blocks of math to engage early elementary age kids in narrative-driven “appisodes.” As best friends Bean, Bit and Dizzy save the day from broken roller coasters, ancient mummies and more, the hilarious, interactive UMIGO appisodes incorporate stories, music videos and games, getting children involved and helping them to become active learners. UMIGO helps children develop the math skills they need for effective reasoning and problem solving. UMIGO’s educational content is aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics for first and second grades. 

What is an appisode?

Each “appisode” contains transmedia, meaning it is made up of different types of media to engage the kiddos. UMIGO’s appisodes consist of three types of media:

  1. a video containing a lesson through a story 
  2. a game, and
  3. a music video to reinforce the lesson learned

With vibrant online adventures, plus free downloadable offline at-home activities, UMIGO encourages parents and children to explore together for a fun, shared learning experience.

What we thought:

I set Timmy and Noah up with my laptop to see if they could navigate on their own. They did okay, but I had to help them find the transmedia appisodes, since they got stuck on the videos. (I think the locks on the transmedia appisodes scared them away.) Once they knew they could open the appisodes and unlock them by clicking the green button, they were excited to open each one.

UMIGO home

While the educational video was not the favorite of the three, both Timmy and Noah watched all the way through and were more than eager to play the game at the end. I’ll tell you what, those songs in the music video sure are catchy. We were singing “line me up” for days!

Ben got in on the action tonight and all three of my youngest kiddos were quite upset that I had to use my laptop to write this post. I have promised each of them time on UMIGO tomorrow… Not a bad deal for a lazy summer day, if you ask me!

All in all, I would highly recommend UMIGO for any elementary aged child. I know it was officially created for second and third graders, but even Josh poked in and was interested for a bit. Try it out and let me know what your kids think!

UMIGO Group Shot

UMIGO kicked off their Summer of UMIGO on National Summer Learning Day (Friday, June 19th), in an effort to help combat the “summer slide.” In partnership with the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), UMIGO brings its narrative-based appisodes, interactive games, activities, and educational resources to more than 70 communities around the country. You can find a location close to you by looking on the NSLA’s interactive map at

Follow UMIGO:

This post is made possible by support from UMIGO. All opinions are my own.


8 Things Our Teenagers Want Us to Know About Them

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on June 22, 2015

For me, it seems, this responsibility we’ve been given as parents only proves to become harder and harder as our children get older. To be quite honest, there are some times when I wish I could trade some of these tough moments with my teenagers for the hours I spent trying to get them to eat their vegetables as toddlers, or the long afternoons of potty training, or even the sleepless nights with them as newborns. With teenagers come a greater need for wisdom and understanding, grace to navigate the deep conversations and topics with them, and a willingness to truly listen to them.

I say all this in the wake of some pretty big conversations we have had with our teenagers. As they get older, we are no longer able to dictate what they do every waking moment, how they are to express their feelings, what to think, or with whom they interact. They have thoughts and opinions of their own, and I know that mine are not afraid to discuss them with us. Recognizing that our teenagers’ thoughts and opinions will sometimes differ from our own is part of the battle I face as their mother.

There have been many things I have learned from my children these past 15 years, but none seem as important as what I have learned about my older children this past week. I’m sure if you were to ask your teenagers, they may say the same. I can be certain, as my younger children grow, they will want for me to understand these things about them, as well.

8 Things Our Teenagers Want Us to Know About Them

1. They want to talk about the major stuff
Sex, drugs, religion, politics – these are the topics they want to discuss. They are curious about sex and drugs, They are eager to formulate their own thoughts about religion and politics. They are researching on their own, talking about these topics with friends and peers, and developing opinions based on their findings. They want to have conversations with us, too. As parents, we can only hope and pray that they will be just as receptive to our influence. After all, they truly want to know what we think, how we feel, and why we believe what we believe.

2. They want to be heard
Just as they desire to know our thoughts, opinions, and feelings, they want us to hear theirs. They want us to really listen to them. Close the laptop, put down the phone, turn off the radio, and really and truly listen. Don’t argue with them or belittle them; no insinuating that their opinions don’t matter; but hear them out.

3. They want us to be honest with them
My kids have always asked lots of questions, but as they get older the answers to their questions become less black and white. They don’t want cookie cutter answers, or answers that may make the conversation more comfortable for you; they want real and honest answers. And, boy, is that hard!

4. They want us to set boundaries and give consequences
Kids thrive best in environments that limit their freedom. They don’t want to have to keep themselves in check and create boundaries for themselves yet, no matter what they say. If all teenagers were honest with themselves (as mine were with me), they would recognize that rules are good for them. Among others, they need to know when and how it is appropriate to make plans, when they are to be home or check in, how they are to talk to us, and how they are to treat their siblings. They also need to be given proper consequences when they get out of line.

5. They want independence and freedom
On the flip side, and in appropriate circumstances, they do desire freedom. Freedom to make their own choices. Freedom to express themselves. Freedom to grow and mature. Independence should be allowed gradually and appropriately. This is certainly not easy, but if teens are treated like children as they grow and mature, they will act like children. Begin treating them like little adults, slowly and gradually, with appropriate responsibilities, and they will begin acting like adults.

6. They want our approval and praise
It is so easy to badger and nag our teens. Harping on them when they don’t do or act as expected can only alienate them. Alternately, if we praise them when they have exceeded our expectations – or even just done what was expected – will drive them to do more. They desire to be appreciated just as we do. Our approval and praise will go a long way to motivate excellence.

7. They want us to respect their privacy
As their bodies and minds grow and mature, so does their desire for privacy, both physically and emotionally.  Sometimes they just want to retreat and spend some time alone and they desire for us to understand that it is not personal. They also want to be able to have private conversations with each other and their friends. There are some things we are better off not knowing anyway!

8. They want us to be careful not to jump to conclusions and assume the worst
It is so easy to jump to the worst possible conclusion when you come across information, informed or discovered, that you were not expected to come across. My teens have always been very honest when approached with questionable information. They are more than willing to explain, discuss, or defend their actions, knowing there may be consequences. All they ask is that we keep a cool head and not assume the worst, but always ask before jumping to conclusions.

In short, our teenagers are growing up and deserve to be treated like the little adults they are becoming. Of course, they are still developing and growing, so they need us to continue guiding them, with a loving hand and a strong grip, ever so slowly releasing them so they may begin navigate this great big world on their own.


How Do You Honor Your Dad on Father’s Day?

by Christine - From Dates to Diapers on June 21, 2015

Father’s Day. A day to honor all the dads in our lives. The Great Grandfathers, the Grandfathers, and all those whom we, and those before us, call Daddy.

This year I recognize many of the great fathers in my life:

My Great Grandpa Les, who has gone home to be with the Lord. He was fun, goofy, loving, generous, and kind. I learned so much from him. I miss him every day and wish my children had been given the privilege to know him.

My Great Grandpa Joe, aka Poppy Joe. In spite of his grumpy looks and always calling us all by the wrong names (on  purpose!), we love his kind heart and gruff ways.

The one who gave my husband life – my father-in-law, Paul. Thank you for raising my babies’ daddy to be such a god-fearing man. You are loved.

My Dad. I used to call him Pa. My children call him Poppy. The one who has loved me for as long as I can remember, let me hop on him, taught me how to ride a bike and swim, pulled out my loose teeth (with pliers!), acted as the “tooth angel,” provided for me, protected me, and so much more. I love you, Dad!

And, last but not least, my husband - the father of our seven beautiful children. Thank you for loving our kids so fiercely, for leading us, for providing for us all without complaint, for finding new and adventurous ways to have fun with us, and for always doing all you do in such a big way. I am so grateful that God brought us together to do this parenting thing side by side. You make me a better mom and our kids are so very blessed. We love you!!

Fathers Day

To honor my kiddos’ dad this year, we treated him to lunch out, enjoyed an afternoon of Monopoly and soccer with him, and then he decided he wanted to grill some tri-tip for us all for dinner. It was a great day for all of us!

How about you? What did you do to honor the dads in your life today?

Oral-B wants to help you say thank you for all the ways Dad made you smile by keeping their smile healthy. After all, the gift of a beautiful, healthy smile is special and unique, just like him.

Why Oral-B?


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Here is just another reason why you may want to choose an Oral-B brush –


Disclosure: I have partnered with Oral-B to bring you this post.


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2015 Beauty Trend: Coconut Oil

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What’s in Your Closet? #WearWalmart

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Laundry Made Simple

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We have long been fans of Tide. I just don’t trust any other brand to do the job needed to clean the clothes, sports equipment, and linens for six rough and tumble boys. With Tide Pods, laundry is made simple with the lack of measuring or scooping. But, what’s more is that each pod contains […]

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